Company Overview

We take pride in providing our clients with various solutions on
how to package and invest in their products that would provide
them with optimum results.

Prepac Engineering Industries (Pvt) Limited was the first joint collaboration between France & Pakistan and was founded in 1985. We have been providing un-matched services and facilitating our customers in the field of edible oil, dairy, food, glue, beverages as well as confectionery and such other allied industries. We have immense experience in manufacturing automatic form fill and seal machines under license from Prepac France; a world renowned company in the field of packaging of liquid products.

Our team of engineers are constantly involved in adopting the latest trends and technologies that surround us in this day and age. Our R&D department is continuously striving to develop and test new innovative methods to increase our machine efficiency and quality. As a result we have more than 2650 packaging machines working around the globe that are being used to pack various products like butter edible oils, milk, water, industrial glue, rice, sugar, agriculture tonic etc.

We at Prepac Engineering take pride in providing our clients with various solutions on how to package and invest in their products that would provide them with optimum results. Our manufacturing facility is based in Lahore Pakistan and our engineers are specialized in developing, manufacturing & assembling form, fill & seal machines for packing of viscous, semi viscous and solid products in co-extruded multi layered PE based film of different specifications with & without laminates in plastic pouches.

We are a CE and an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and our managerial procedures and our machines comply with the international standards in both quality and performance.

Our Chairman and CEO shares some insights from his experiences of more than 40 years in the manufacturing industry.

After spending the past 30 years in the packaging business, I feel privileged to be writing this message as Prepac’s CEO. We began our journey three decades ago with the first ever collaboration with a French company in Pakistan. We were the pioneers in setting up a state-of-the-art extrusion plant in Pakistan where we introduced the concept of flexible packaging in Pakistan. Over the years our focus has been on our brand and our innovations where we have helped not only businesses but consumers alike with user friendly packaging designs and ideas.

Innovation is the heart of our business since its incorporation. Our team of skilled engineers have embarked on an epic journey where they have manufactured our new generation of bottle shaped flexible pouches with a special no spill valve. This type of packing will bring about an entire new revolution in the packaging world.

Over the past decade we have strived to produce sustainable packaging solutions for our consumers that are cost effective and easy to use. As part of our vision we have and are continuously striving on developing packaging solutions that are easy to recycle so that our children can live in a better world with a bright future. At the same time our aim is to be the world leaders in manufacturing vertical form fill and seal VFFS machines with satisfied customers locally and globally.

We are truly focused on believing that our core values that consist of six key elements enable us to function for our organization. Throughout our journey, we have conducted ourselves by working collaboratively with sheer dedication by keeping our values constant. We would want to continue to do so over the years to come. I am incredibly excited about this journey and I truly believe that the best is still to come.


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