Research & Development

Research & Development

Prepac is continuously reinventing the shape of packaging world everyday.

Our success is based on our ability to constantly produce and deliver new and compelling products. This allows us to enter new product markets and drive broad adoption of our products and services. With the market place growing rapidly our R&D team conducts market analysis on a regular basis to understand the demands and needs of packaging trends and technological advancements. In addition to the market analysis, our R&D team values our customers’ insights as well as our employees to set new standards of excellence. In this day and age we strongly believe in focusing on emerging technologies to deliver value and extraordinary long-term promising results to our customers, partners, suppliers, sustaining the growth of our company. With our on-going commitment to research and development we see significant opportunities to drive future growth in the packaging world. Our R&D process consists of six layers that we practice to produce optimal results.


R&D Process


The main object behind the ideation stage is to be creative and to think outside of the box. As soon as we receive a new lead with a new concept, whether it be from one of our employees or from a client, our engineers and designers tend to sit down and brain storm on all possible solutions. ON the other hand our marketeers explore the market to see if this would be profitable in the long run. Our team tends to look beyond the usual methods of problem solving as they find better, more elegant, and satisfying solutions to problems that would benefit our client and their products in the short and long run.

Once the ideation and concept is clear and the brain storming sessions are a success we start with the research stage of the process which is the longest of them all in this lifecycle.

Before we start off with a prototype our engineers at first develop a virtual prototype using standard digital tools such as AutoCAD which enables them to see the model in 2D and 3D renderings. Once the virtual prototype is finalized, we start off with building a physical prototype with proper materials.

Development of the product starts right after testing is conclusive. We start with constructing the product with the right materials so that we may test it before it reaches the end user.

Once all the design flaws are rectified, we manufacture a working model and thoroughly test it in house for any discrepancies.

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