Our Products

Our Products

Flexible Packaging Films

Prepac produces a variety of printed and unprinted roll stock. Our flexible packaging films are perfect for both dry food packaging and liquid products. The different types of films laminated together create a layer of insulation that protects products and enhances the shelf life when packaged. The various types of packaging materials that are used to formulate the laminate structure include polyethylene, polyester, nylon, film foil laminations and more.

Our flexible packaging materials are customized to your product’s specific barrier needs that will increase long-term endurance and help your product resist harmful outside elements as it sits on the shelf. We can provide a gloss or matte finish, press-to-close zippers, different types of bag handles, spouts, valves, tear notches just to mention a few. We can meet any desired specifications your products require.

We can print up to 7 different colors and the film can be configured for a variety of structures. Our team has years of technical experience working with form fill seal machines and we understand how important it is to apply the proper specifications before production. Whether it’s improving productivity or extending shelf life, Prepac’s roll stock film is designed to adhere to your specific products and goals.

Reel Stock

Reel stocks are Ideal for companies with high-volumes and is used on either vertical or horizontal form-fill and seal machines. We offer a wide range of sizes, materials and laminations for all types of products. Our custom roll stock products are formulated to meet your exact needs. Prepac’s roll stock film products are second to none when it comes to quality. Roll stock packaging is very common among products that require tight sealing, lamination, lidding and flow wrapping. Our roll stock film specifically caters to vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) applications.

Labels & Shrink Sleeves

Printed shrink sleeves have grown into a leading packaging application, specifically within the beverage, dairy, food and non-food sectors. Shrink sleeve labels are commonly seen on products including paints, detergent, cosmetics and pet food. Shrink sleeves are applied by a special machine which is shrunk onto small to medium sized containers and bottles. Printed sleeve packaging is an excellent way to provide maximum shelf appeal to products because of the availability of a 360 degree printing area.
Our production facilities can offer you numerous kinds of sleeves, such as metalized sleeves, easy opening perforations, sleeves for cups, bottles, containers, and sleeves with individual bar codes that are excellent for counterfeit protection.

High Barrier Film

High-barrier film is the best packaging material for preserving product quality and freshness. At Prepac, we utilize high-barrier packaging to keep moisture, air and other elements sealed off from the contents inside your flexible pouch or bag. One of the most common challenges facing food products is shelf life. High-barrier packaging helps retain rich flavors and aromas by creating a tightly sealed barrier system. The barrier film works to block oxygen transmission and water vapor from contacting sensitive foods. Products such as coffee, snacks and dry ingredient food products can be greatly affected by air or moisture that enters the pouch. With barrier packaging film, you can optimize your product’s shelf life and provide maximum, long-lasting quality for your customers.

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