Machine Specification

Output Quantity 1000g /5000g
Output 12-40 packs/min
Filler Accuracy ± 5 gm
Pack / Quantity Range
Min. Bag size (W x L) approx
Max. Bag size (W x L) approx
120 mm x 150 mm
355 mm x 500 mm
Packaging Material Co-extruded 3 or 5 Layer PE Based or
Laminated, Metalize, Aluminum Foil 60 to 140 microns
Film Reel Core dia 76 mm Reel diameter 300 mm
Electrical Requirement
Input Supply 380 V AC, 50 Hz, 3 ph + N + G
Connected Load 5.5 KVA
Peak Power Rating 5 KW
Air Requirement
Air Pressure 6 bar constant dry air
Air consumption 800 ltr/mnt
Machine Dimensions along with
(W x D x H) approx.
1110 mm x 1700 mm 2400 mm
(1300 mm x 1956 mm x 3350 mm) for 5kg
Weight 600 kgs (Net)
Suitable for Packing Potato Chips, Snacks ,Rice, Macaronis
Beans, Pasta, Dry Fruits, Vermicelli,
Candies & Confectionery products
as well as all kinds of light weight

Types of Products

Add-on Machine Parts

date coding device

Our machines can be equipped with different types of date coding devices such as ink jet printers, thermal date coding devices etc. The date coding device is used to print precise, easy-to-read and indelible date codes and batch codes that are not only critical for many industries but are also mandatory by many Governments around the world. These devices have the ability to print use-by dates, best-before dates and batch codes.

Solid Machines

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